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Bachelor of Science with Education (BSCED)

Programme Description

The Bachelor of Science with Education programme takes a minimum of THREE (03) years and a maximum of FIVE (05) years divided into THREE SESSIONS (Trimester). The focus of this programme is to train effective science teachers in science syllabi and science pedagogy at Ordinary (O’) and Advanced (A’) Level secondary education as organised in the Ugandan Education System. It seeks to scaffold teacher trainees in evolving factual, conceptual, procedural and meta-cognitive knowledge forms advanced in the science disciplines. The graduates of the programme will thus be equipped with the scientific and investigative professional competencies and outlook to link schooling and their communities, as well as positively induce national development through science.

1.2 Mode of Delivery

The mode of delivery of the Program is through face-to-face lectures, online blended lessons, podcasts, active group discussions, tutorials, peer-to-peer tutoring, micro-teaching, fieldwork projects/outreach activities and research projects. Teaching and Learning Strategies will be highly interactive and learner-centred.

Several methods will be adopted including interactive lectures, group discussions and presentations, case studies, simulations, resource persons/guest speakers, field studies, child study projects portfolio/e-portfolio and material development, display, demonstrations and research.

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The Bachelor of Science with Education Programme is now open. You may now submit your applications. For more information, contact the Academic Registrar at: 0788 101 821 or 0703 214 735 and

Admission Requirements

This Program targets all those interested in acquiring knowledge, skills, and values in secondary school education with Grade five (V) or Diploma in Education (Secondary) qualifications. The following are the entry categories:

  • The Course targets persons who intend to teach in Secondary schools and possess at least 5 passes at UCE and least two principal passes (Two best done Science subjects) at A’ level (UACE) in the following combinations: PCB/SM – (Physics Chemistry Biology/Sub Computer)
    – PCM/SC – (Physics, Chemistry, Math/Sub Computer)
    – BCM/SC – (Biology, Chemistry, Math/ Sub Computer)
    – BCFN/SM – (Biology, Chemistry, Food and Nutrition/ Sub Math)
    – METD/SC – (Math, Economics, Technical Drawing/Sub Computer)
    – PEM/SC – (Physics, Economics, Math/Sub Computer)
    – MEFA/SC – (Math, Economics, Fine Art/ Sub Computer)
    – MEG/SC – (Math, Economics, Geography/ Sub Computer)
    – PMTD/SC – (Physics, Math, Technical Drawing/ Sub Computer)
    – MEFR/SC – (Math, Economics, French/ Sub Computer)
  • Mature age: Aged 25 years and above and has passed the mature age entry examinations with at least a 50% mark. The mature age entry examinations must have been accredited by the National Council;
  • Diploma obtained at credit/distinction level in the relevant field obtained from recognized institution; or
  • Bridging course for students who have done their secondary education outside Uganda. The bridging courses must have been accredited by the National Council.
  • LGHIE welcomes international applicants who satisfy the minimum entry requirements of the Program of study. Candidates from countries where the language of instruction is not English are required to supply evidence of Proficiency of English.

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