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Capacity Building Programmes

LGIHE offers continuous professional development trainings for school leaders, teachers, social workers and students with particular focus on:

Teacher Identity: enables the teacher discover herself and her role of educating so as to become an effective role model/authority

  • School leadership, Management and Culture: emphasizes the creation of a visionary school culture led by the school in which leadership is not a position but a service.
  • Educate While Teaching: stresses the importance of employing learner centred teaching methodologies, positive discipline, effective planning and preparation that position the learner at the centre of learning thus making her a protagonist of her own learning process.
  • Formative Assessment: nurtures teachers’ ability to design and use assessment tools and data to promote deep learning with particular focus on High Order Thinking skills.
  • Literacy Enhancement Training: fosters teachers’ skills and teaching methods that will be demonstrated through learners’ improved fluency in reading, writing and comprehension.
  • Life skills Training: cultivates abilities for adoptive and positive behaviour that enable them confront everyday life demands and challenges.


LGIHE is collaborating with 3 vocational institutions to promote vocational edu- cation through the DTS (Dual Training System) approach which facilitates learning from two angles-the VTI and the workplace. The objective of this method is to nurture youth that respond to the labour market demands.


LGIHE has a comprehensive research, monitoring and evaluation system aimed at promoting effective learning in the institutional programmes so as to effectively respond to the prevailing educational gaps.