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Education in Emergencies: PCE at Oxford University Forum

The 2011 annual UKFIET (United Kingdom Forum for Conference for International Education and Training) conference was held at Oxford University under the theme “Education in Emergencies”. Moving ahead, the Permanent Centre for Education submitted an abstract on the theme and was consequently selected to present a full conference paper under the sub theme of Education and Psychosocial recovery.

For PCE, it was an opportunity to share with educators in the international community, our successful proposal on the role of adults in post emergency communities.

The paper received great reviews, captured in the words of session convener Lori Heinger who said “Listening to the presentation gives me a renewed perspective of psychosocial support. It is an approach detached from the historical counseling and makes the children their own heroes. It is interesting how the focus on adults automatically funnels down to the traumatized persons.”

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