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A study on Teacher Professional Development

A systematic integrative review of the literature on critical thinking in sub-Saharan Africa showed a gap in contextualised studies. It also highlighted the dearth of knowledge related to the pedagogical approaches and strategies for the enhancement of the critical thinking skills among learners.

A grounded theory study that investigated the critical thinking conceptualisation in Uganda emphasised how rare it is for teachers in the prevailing Ugandan education system to foster critical thinking. This was followed by a professional development action research that aimed to address this gap by focusing on research done in schools and with teachers, primarily and explicitly oriented towards training and transforming the educational and pedagogical practice while promoting teacher reflexivity (Cardarello, 2018; Prud’homme et al., 2011). This method of research shares characteristics with other types of participatory research including: a) The co-participation of teachers and researchers (who become also members of the educating community itself); b) The inclusion of change or transformation among the research aims; and c) The inquiry of a key theme that is identified from within and which is relevant to the research setting itself (Cardarello, 2018)

To read more about the study, follow this link: http://lgihe.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/CTAM-TPD-action-research-2020-2021.pdf